Find your
security flaws

Webscout attack surface management lets see you see, what the attacker sees

Get notified when you become
a target
a victim

Webscout 360 lets you set up alerts for your domains, so you know, when an endpoint becomes exposed
24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure, with instant alerts
Get notified when your accounts are leaked
Abnormal traffic monitoring

Get full visibility into your infrastructure

Webscout Scan gives you a complete mapping and vulnerability assement of your entire attack surface, so you can find any hidden dangers

Transparent pricing

Webscout Public
Free for everyone, always
Fair use
Attack surface mapping
Initial vulnerability assessment
Certificate overview
Webscout Scan
Complete infrastructure overview
Per scan
Everything from Webscout Public
Full vulnerability scan & analysis
System profiling
Network mapping
Geo mapping
Domain accounts & Email leaks
Webscout 360
Live monitoring
/ system / month
Everything from Webscout Scan on a per system basis
Continous scanning & analysis
Alerts when action is needed

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Made by a
dedicated team

We here at webscout have decades of combined experiance managing and assessing, critical infrastructure for dangers. Now we are thrilled to bring that experiance to our customers to help them secure their infrastructure
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Started in 2021