Webscout v. 0.1.0 - release of the MVP

This is the accompanying post to the release webscout as a minimum viable product (MVP). In this post we will outline its current features along with a roadmap of future additions.

Webscout v. 0.1.0 - release of the MVP
Photo by Ross Findon / Unsplash

These are the accompanying patch notes for the first official release of the Webscout platform. We will be going through the initial feature set, the roadmap for upcoming additions.

The overarching goal of Webscout it to make the tools and tactics used by security professionals available to the general public in a easy to use way.

What is included in Webscout version 0.1.0

This initial release will be focused on getting the barebones platform operational, as well as stress testing the various components of the system. To ease and encourage this, one of the main features of this release is the demo. The demo will allow anyone to enter a domain, and get the following data

  • Whois information
  • DNS records
  • Live SSL certificates (more specifically their active periods and expiration dates)
  • Public emails crawled from various sites

These are all services we will be including in our free-tier, with many more to come. Those who want to save the results of their scan(s) can register an account, this is completely free, and doesn't require any information besides an email. An account lets you access the free-tier, as well as any future product.  

As with any newly released product, there are ineviteable going to be bugs and glitches if you find any we will truely appericiate if you submit a bug report, which is only an option avaible to accounts, if you don't feel like registering, but still want to submit your feedback/bug you are more than welcome to send it as an email at info@webscout.io

What is coming to Webscout

We have a lot planned for the coming months. Below is a summary of the current roadmap

  • Feburary 1st (0.2.0)
    • Release of the Vulnerability scanning product, letting users scan their website for outdated software / packages (this will require the domain to be verified)
    • Expansion of the free-tier
  • March 1st (0.2.1)
    • Release of the all-in-one product
  • April 1st (0.3.0)
    • Landing page redesign
    • Admin panel redesign
    • (Focus on making the site mobile friendly)

While the above ecompases our ambitions for the coming months, stabilizing the platform is the main priority, and release dates for future features might be pushed back to accomodate this.